9.30 – Via Cardinale Merry del Val, 14b
Moonlight Benjamin: vocal. Matthis Pascaud: guitar. Matthieu Vial-Collet:guitar. Quentin Rochas: bass guitar. Bertrand Noël, drums.
For years, Haiti’s rich musical tradition has been overshadowed by the imperious presence of neighbouring Cuba. Today, there is a growing number of musicians who are bringing us the priceless beauty of its heritage. Singer, Moonlight Benjamin, belongs to the new generation of artists making themselves heard with a fascinating blend of Haitian music, rock, blues and jazz. She sings in Creole and French, and her lyrics denounce the exploitation and lack of freedom in her native country, reflecting the image of an artist who questions her identity as a daughter of the diaspora, initiated into the voodo religion, and as a cosmopolitan musician. She moved to France and recently released her third album, Siltane, with which she astonished and conquered the audience at WOMEX.
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