9.30 pm  – Via Giuseppe Mirri, 35
Sheila Maurice-Grey (Bandleader): trumpet. Cassie Kinoshi: saxophone. Richie Seivewright: trombone. Mutale Chashi: bass guitar. Oscar Jerome: guitar. Yohan Kebede: keyboards. Onome Ighamre: percussions, Ayo Salawu, drums.
In the 1960s a young Nigerian arrived in London to study medicine. But soon he decided that his vocation was music. That young man was called Fela Kuti and he went on to become a legendary figure of African music, a bandleader, and political militant. Today his Afrobeat music has been taken up by this collective of young English musicians of African origin. They are part of the sparkling scene of the new British jazz, a movement that has taken the music out of theatres, putting it into the pulsating reality of today’s multi-ethnic London. The octet, led by trumpeter Sheila Maurice-Grey, take their cue from Fela Kuti, Tony Allen and Ebo Taylor, with a freshness and enthusiasm that, tinged with soul and spiritual music, brings this tradition right up to date.
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