9.30 pm – Via Cardinale Merry del Val, 14b
Donny McCaslin: tenor saxophone. Jason Lindner: keyboards. Jeffrey Taylor: guitar, vocal. Timothy Lefebvre: bass guitar. Zach Danziger: drums.
The new album by saxophonist Donald McCaslin, Blow, is a superb expression of artistic rock, with catchy melodies and sax solos, a range of winning sounds and an intensity that enhances every track. His quartet has the rhythm and impact of a rock show, combined with the complexity and careful attention of a jazz concert. The intensity, passion and complexity of the synth parts, the hard drums, the depth of the bass, the characteristic tone of McCaslin’s sax, are all immediately recognisable as the sound of David Bowie on his final album, Blackstar. Every track reminds you of someone or something else, whether it’s David Bowie, Kind Hearts, REM or English prog rock. There is a feeling that this is an album that has made McCaslin choose whether to be a jazz player, an improviser, a rock musician or a pop performer. Or rather, whether to be everything.
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