November 1| h 9:00 pm

Auditorium Parco della Musica – Sala Petrassi



Joe Lovano, tenor saxophone – Marcin Wasilewski, piano – Slawomir Kurkiewicz, double bass – Michal Miskiewicz, drums

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The first-time teaming up of Poland’s dynamic Marcin Wasilewski Trio and big-toned US tenorist Joe Lovano brings forth special music of concentrated, deep feeling, in which lyricism and strength seem ideally balanced. The alliance plays four new tunes by Marcin and one by Joe, as well as Carla Bley’s classic “Vashkar” (in two variations), plus collective improvisations with strong input from all four players; Slawomir Kurkiewicz’s bass skills are particularly well-deployed in the spontaneous piece “Arco”.

The Wasilewski Trio is the undisputed star of Polish jazz and for years has been recognized by international critics as one of the most outstanding and the unique jazz formations of its generation, while enjoying the acclaim of jazz fans around the world.

Hailed by The New York Times as “one of the greatest musicians in jazz history,” Grammy Award winning saxophone titan Joe Lovano has distinguished himself as a prophetic and pathfinding force in the arena of creative music. During his career Joe has performed and recorded with a long list of jazz greats including Gunther Schuller, Herbie Hancock, Carla Bley and many others.


Co- financed by the Ministry of Culture, National Heritage and Sport of the Republic of Poland. Co- organized by the Film and Jazz Music Foundation, Adam Mickiewicz Institute and Istituto Polacco di Roma

November 2| h 9:00 pm

Auditorium Parco della Musica – Sala Petrassi


“LITTLE ITALY”, a hope for a different future

Giovanni Guidi, piano, Fender Rhodes – Stefano Carbonelli, 8-string guitar – Nicolò Francesco Faraglia, electric guitar – Federico Negri, drums – Giovanni Iacovella, drums, electronics

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“Little Italy” is a musical story about migration. It tells of when we, the Italians, were forced to depart towards the unknown in search of fortune, opportunities or simply dignity. It’s the story of young men and women who left everything, who risked everything, who lost or gained everything. “Little Italy” is about four boys and a young man who has to grow. It’s about four people who would never have thought they would meet in the same apartment, between memories of the past and hopes for the future, to live together a new life in that new world. Because young people can’t stay young forever, but when they are in the age of discovery, they can face everything with the taste of a new love.

November 3| h 9:00 pm

Auditorium Parco della Musica – Sala Petrassi



Francesco Bearzatti, tenor saxophone, clarinet – Giovanni Falzone, trumpet – Danilo Gallo, bass – Zeno De Rossi, drums, Davide Toffolo, live painter

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Jazz is the music of liberation, of resistance to injustice, of romance and adventure, and sometimes of conflict. Its true identity has always been twofold rather than single. Around the same time early jazz was thrilling audiences, readers were gasping at the adventures of a masked man called Zorro who had been summoned out of the darkness of oppression to set things right [leaving his mark on the wall each time]. On the centenary of Zorro’s creation, saxophonist Francesco Bearzatti and his Tinissima quartet present CAM JAZZ’s latest contribution to widescreen jazz drama. Zorro is a wild suite of big cinematic themes, romantic interludes, sweeping landscapes and breathtaking chases. If the cliché about jazz as a cinematic experience ever meant anything, it is this. With trumpeter Giovanni Falzone, bassist Danilo Gallo and drummer Zeno De Rossi, Francesco Bearzatti restores jazz’s association with the redressing of injustice. Zorro isn’t a political lecture, though; it’s an entertaining and deeply moving journey across a dreamed landscape that we all secretly share. And remember that “jazz” ends with not one slashed “z” but two.

November 5| h 9:00 pm

Auditorium Parco della Musica – Teatro Studio Borgna


Daniele Tittarelli, saxes & Keyboard – Domenico Sanna, piano, fender rhodes & synthesizers – Fabio Sasso, acoustic & electronic drums – Andrea Guastadisegni, modular synthetizer, samplers, drum machine – Daniele Spanò – visual

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‘Ugoless’ is an experimental jazz trio made up of two jazz musicians and a sound engineer, which combines different sounds, from acoustic instruments, like drums and saxophones, to electronic tones using samplers and synthesizers. Their repertoire consists mainly of original compositions or remakes of “musical quotes”.
Between the notes played, we can find the background of the three musicians and also their musical and cultural influences.
In their musical vision, references from J. Coltrane, Moondog and Autechre are mixed with samples of famous quotes from cinema, politics and history, from Kubrick to Freud, Zeman, etc.

November 6| h 9:00 pm

Auditorium Parco della Musica – Teatro Studio Borgna



The New Talents Jazz Orchestra is a musical group originating in Rome, under the guidance of trombonist and arranger Mario Corvini.

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The Orchestra is made up of young talented musicians from various Italian regions like Lazio, Tuscany and Sicily. Founded in October 2012, after a few months, the orchestra performed at the Museo d’Arte Contemporanea MACRO in Rome. In February 2013, they began their collaboration with Casa del Jazz in Rome. In 2017 they took on the prestigious position of Resident Orchestra for Fondazione Musica per Roma. In 2016 and 2017, the New Talents Jazz Orchestra presented, at Teatro Palladium, the Festival “Il jazz va al cinema”, a music fest conceived and curated by Maurizio Miotti. Another important collaboration took place in 2019 with the prestigious chamber orchestra I Solisti Aquilani, with whom the New Talents Jazz Orchestra created the musical project “La musica del cinema italiano”, an original reinterpretation of the most important themes from soundtracks of Italian movies. Thanks to their experience, this year IMF Foundation commissioned the New Talent Orchestra to head the project ” Jazz is a (Video)Games”. In conjunction with Conservatorio di Santa Cecila and Saint Louis College of Music (videogames music course), they have to compose and arrange soundtracks for artistic videos made by international filmmakers, with the participation of The Orchestra and the Colours Jazz Orchestra.

November 7| h 9:00 pm

Auditorium Parco della Musica – Sala Petrassi



Paolo Damiani, double bass, musical director – Diana Torto, voice – Giovanni Falzone, trumpet – Daniele Tittarelli, sax – Alessandro Paternesi, drums

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Paolo Damiani has created a new band, including some of the most renowned soloists on the international scene. The compositions, written by each member of the group, represent a sturdy sailing ship, or at worst, a lifebelt – improvisation is a voyage on the open sea: you can decide on routes and landing places, or you can choose the way of escape into the world of imagination. Escape from normality and madness, towards creation and the unconscious, bodies breathing in unison in the movement of sound, in listening. This opens things up to the ludic and the unexpected, to what Daniel Pennac calls hasard, chance, risk: or rather – according to the brilliant French writer – the main character of every self-respecting story. The repertoire will include new compositions and some historic pieces by the Roman double bass player, reinterpreted at a distance of time: repetition in music is never duplication, but rather it allows unknown aspects to emerge, a sort of memory of the future, in an experience of a shared time.

November 7| h 12:00 noon



After years of hard graft and numerous awards, The Tangram are poised to make their official debut, with a track caught in a microwave soul and space funk vibe, thus connecting with the recent Italian neo-soul trend that has been attracting increasing interest and recognition for some time now.

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Their lyrical introspection merges with their musical extroversion to create a unique blend of sounds and words, in a spatial, evocative environment; although their gaze is constantly turned towards the future, their music is international in scope and has its roots in Groove Music.

November 7 | h 5:00 pm



Emanuele Bultrini, guitars – David Nerattini, drums – Paolo Pecorelli, bass – Stefano Vicarelli, keyboards-synth

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After its early recordings, La Batteria reaffirms the tradition of Italian film music, starting from cinematic atmospheres and extending its boundaries, bringing to light the countless experiences and personal tastes of its four members through a real journey in which eras and genres merge in the band’s now unmistakable style. La Batteria condenses, in fact, an entire soundtrack of an Italian crime movie, from the opening credits to the final chase. Prog-rock, funk, hip-hop, free jazz, electronica, Latin rhythms, Italo-disco, psychedelia all come together in a concert packed with visual suggestions, directly linking La Batteria to the great Italian tradition of music made for images, but without miring it in clichés or becoming a mere carbon copy of an unrepeatable era.

November 7 | h 9:00 pm



Lorenzo Carminati [Carma], voice – Amedeo Nan, electric guitar – Maurizio Gazzola, electric bass – Matteo Castiglioni, keyboards and synth – Marco Falcon, drums – Giovanni Ferrazzi, electronics, samplers

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Studio: a space in which to create, but also the first person singular of the Italian verb for to study. Murena is Italian for the moray eel, a fish that hides among the rocks, where little light filters in. The name of this group of five Conservatory students, explorers of the seabed of jazz, derived from the combination of these two words, and the band was eventually joined by MC Carma, a rapper with the voice of a crab who always carries his shell around with him. Milan thus finds its own Yussef Kamaal, Kamasi Washington or Bad Bad Not Good, international standard-bearers of a sound that has found a contemporary edge.

November 8 | h 9:00 pm

Auditorium Parco della Musica – Teatro Studio Borgna



Theo Croker, trumpet – Mike King, keys -Eric Wheeler, bass – Shekwoaga Ode, drums -D’Leau, art & sound design

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Every trip needs a guide. Through the trumpet, THEO CROKER narrates a human story rooted in intimate experience yet cognizant of cosmic consciousness. The GRAMMY® Award-nominated artist, producer, composer, thought leader, influencer, and tastemaker unpacks moments of heroism, trials, tribulations, awakenings, and apotheosis within a musical pastiche.  Brought to life by a myriad of fellow cultural renegades and threaded together by his playing, Theo’s journey unfolds in technicolor on his sixth full-length offering, BLK2LIFE || A FUTURE PAST [Sony Music Masterworks].

“This record was composed like a film score,” Theo explains of the album. “I want the listener to feel like they are in the movie.” The tracks are inspired by the forgotten hero’s journey towards self-actualization within the universal origins of blackness.  An affirmation of the hero’s creative identity, the narrative explores traditions of the past, their foundations in the present, and potential explorations into the future.  A sonic celebration of Afro-origin, BLK2LIFE || A FUTURE PAST is ultimately a reclamation of the culture, for the culture.

November 10 | h 9:00 pm

Auditorium Parco della Musica – Teatro Studio Borgna


“PURSUANCE – THE COLTRANES”, social justice and Afro-American community

Taber Gable, piano – Ivan Taylor, bass – EJ Strickland, drums – Lakecia Benjamin, of course

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The dynamic young saxophonist Lakecia Benjamin presents her masterwork Pursuance: The Coltranes. A cohesive walk through the lineage of the jazz artform, Benjamin’s third full-length release as a leader pays homage to two of the greatest musical innovators of the 20th century, John and Alice Coltrane. As Abiodun Oyewole iterates as part of Benjamin’s rendition of Coltrane’s classic “Acknowledgment”, “John Coltrane was a vessel, taking us to the house of God, he spoke to God in the language God knew, in the language of sound.” With this release, Benjamin opens herself up as such a vessel, speaking timeless truths through her horn over the medium of Coltrane’s classic compositions alongside elders of this artform who bore witness to the conception of this materials. Under the tutelage of jazz luminary and co-producer Reggie Workman whose supple bass lines underscored countless Alice and John Coltrane’s recordings, Benjamin has assembled an astonishing cross-generational ensemble of over 40 jazz heavyweights to celebrate and further the message of the great maestros of this improvisational artform, John and Alice Coltrane.

November 11 | h 9:00 pm

Auditorium Parco della Musica – Sala Sinopoli


“YESUN” water, a precious element

Roberto Fonseca, piano and voice – Yandy Martínez Rodriguez, double bass – Raúl Herrera, drums

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Havana-born pianist, ex Buena Vista Social Club, Roberto Fonseca presents Yesun, his ninth solo album. In this project a multitude of musical styles are combined, from jazz and classical music to rap, funk, reggaeton and electronica, ripping up the rulebook along the way. Yesun delves deep into the music of Fonseca’s homeland, weaving in beats, spoken word, analogue keyboards, Fonseca’s sonorous vocals, presenting a Cuba without borders. Yesun is a wordplay title symbolising water. Water drawn from the well of Afro-Cuban history and given with a modern, forward-looking twist. For in the same way that water, the giver of life, has vast reach and shape-shifting power, so does Fonseca’s music flow from ancient to modern, embracing challenges, prompting growth. Opening a channel for young musicians in Cuba, who take inspiration from his cross-genre adventures and wild success abroad.

November 11 | h 9:00 pm

Auditorium Parco della Musica – Teatro Studio Borgna



Linda Feki, vocals, electronics – Giuseppe Vitale (Zeintheclouds) and Dario Bassolino – piano, synth

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LNDFK is a songwriter producer, coming from different cultures, daughter of an Italian mother and of an Arab father, who grew up in Naples.
Her music is influenced by jazz, by the neo-soul and hip-hop, all filtered through her wealth of experience and  her own sensitivity.

With the release of  her first singles she got the acclaim of public and specialised critics. Her music was supported by numerous international radio stations (BBC, Worldwide FM, NTS) and has reached more than a million listeners on digital platforms.

In May 2019 she was among the protagonists of the last live edition of the Primavera Sound in Barcelona.
She is currently working on her debut LP, due out in the coming months for the New York label Bastard Jazz, and licensed in Italy by La Tempesta.
“Don ‘ t Know I’m Dead Or Not “ was revealed as the first single from Pretty. The song is deeply symbolic: it is connected to the phenomenon of depersonalization, a
dissociative disorder in which the subject feels an alteration in the perception of himself and the surrounding environment.
A first step towards a very deep research, towards an increasingly mature and authentic identity, tough and fragile at the same time.

November 12 | h 9:00 pm

Auditorium Parco della Musica – Sala Sinopoli


the precursors of stylistic contamination

Dave Holland, double bass – John Scofield, guitar

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Dave Holland stands as a guiding light on acoustic and electric bass, having grown up in an age when musical genres—jazz, rock, funk, avant-garde, folk, electronic music, and others—blended freely together to create new musical pathways. Holland’s virtuosic technique and rhythmic feel, informed by an open-eared respect of a formidable spread of styles and sounds, is widely revered and remains much in demand. Holland first rose to prominence in groundbreaking groups led by such legends as Miles Davis, Stan Getz, Sam Rivers, Betty Carter, and Anthony Braxton—as well as collaborations with the likes of Chick Corea, Gary Burton, Jack DeJohnette, and John McLaughlin.


Aside from being one of the principal innovators of modern jazz guitar, John Scofield is a creative artist of an even rarer sort: a stylistic chameleon who has forged a consistent, rock-solid aesthetic identity. A triple Grammy award winning artist with fan bases in many camps and 40 plus recordings to his credit, SCOFIELD has expressed himself in the vernacular of bebop, blues, jazz-funk, organ jazz, acoustic chamber jazz, electronically tinged groove music, jam band style and orchestral ensembles with ease and enthusiasm. Regardless of his background, his clear guitar sound and his compositions are unmistakable, always enriched by excellent improvisations in line with the most elegant jazz tradition.

November 15 | h 9:00 pm

Auditorium Parco della Musica – Teatro Studio Borgna


“COSMIC RENAISSANCE” transversal music and video art

Gianluca Petrella, trombone, Moog, effects – Mirco Rubegni, trumpet – Riccardo di Vinci, bass – Federico Scettri, drums, laptop – Simone Padovani, percussions – V3RBO, Visuals

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It is said that the Universe is the results of the sum of all the possible spiritual dimensions, those being explored, explorable and still unknown. There are some people who prefer to reiterate already revealed experiences and others who prefer to choose unknown paths.
So, let’s prepare for the cosmic voyage of the quintet shaped by Gianluca Petrella, trombone player refractory to stereotypes who – having already solved any issues about fame and prestige relating to planet Earth- assumes the role of an intergalactic skipper for outer space tourists. The time has come to lose yourself with him in the darkest music’s labyrinth. The moment is come to forget convictions about the most accomplished jazz and to take notes about new routes on the Afrofuturistic cartography that SunRa, who inspired Petrella’s “Cosmic Renaissance”, initially charted a century ago.

Special guest of the show will be V3RBO, a visual artist who, starting from Graffiti techniques, introduced new visual rules, celebrating writing and investigating its medial drift. Inventor of graffiti-mapping, V3RBO is presently working on the development of virtual reality art forms.

November 16 | h 9:00 pm

Auditorium Parco della Musica – Sala Sinopoli



Vijay Iyer, piano – Linda May Han Oh, double bass – Tyshawn Sorey, drums

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Vijay Iyer, both as an artist and civil rights advocate, always maintains a strict sense of perspective about his work, always acting with the distrust of a stranger, despite the emerging consensus about his importance as a composer. Among his most famous pieces we can find: “Configurations” and “Augury”, a solo meditation that acts as introspection.; “Children of Flint”, which refers to the humanitarian crisis caused by the contamination of a reservoir in Flint (Michigan) and, most recently, “Combat Breathing” in solidarity with Black Lives Matter. The other members of the trio are: the Malaysian Linda May Han Oh, double bass player, with her rigorous jazz mottled by ethnic sounds and Tyshawn Sorey, multi-instrumentalist and contemporary music professor, pupil of Anthony Braxton.

November 18| h 9:00 pm

Auditorium Parco della Musica – Teatro Studio Borgna


“GREATEST SHOW” Electronics, multimedia and interactivity

Tony Roe, piano and electronics – Pat Cleaver, double bass – Bobby Petrov, drums

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Tin Men and the Telephone present the GREATEST show – Global Relocation of Evolved Apes Towards Exoplanet Suitable for Terraformation: a new immersive multimedia performance that combines improvised music, visuals, and audience participation via a smartphone app to address the very timely topic of climate change in a uniquely interactive, fun and thought-provoking way.

In the (very) near future, the climate crisis has escalated, and the time has come for humanity to leave planet Earth. A new, nearly inhabitable planet has been discovered, and you and your fellow audience members are the chosen few to find themselves on board a spaceship heading towards this new home. However, your destination is currently far too cold for human life but have no fear! This problem should be resolved soon, as humans have proven to be excellent at heating up their environment. As you travel through space, you must collaborate to come up with a plan to warm your new home and enjoy the live in-flight entertainment by Tin Men and the Telephone along the way.

November 21| h 9:00 pm




Theon Cross is one of those rare musicians whose vision has redefined their instrument

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Through his combination of technical mastery, studio smarts, deep musical knowledge and expansive vision, the power and originality of Theon’s playing has reinvented the tuba’s place in modern music. Exploring the tuba’s possibilities in the light of “Afro-Diaspora Music” (or ADM, as he calls it), Theon has worked to develop the full sonic spectrum of his instrument, transforming it into a total 21st century sound-system, powered by breath. With this base, Theon approaches his music with a sensibility that travels freely across “outernational” styles and genres, but which remains deeply rooted in his own African-Caribbean heritage.

The flexibility and power of his sound has made Theon an indispensable presence across the length and breadth of the current UK jazz scene: he has been a core member of Shabaka Hutchings’ MOBO award-winning Sons of Kemet; he has played regularly with Nubya Garcia, with Moses Boyd, with Ezra Collective, with Cassie Kinoshi’s SEED Ensemble, among many more

Direttore artistico: Mario Ciampà
Ufficio stampa: GDG press – Alessandro Gambino –